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CEO Angelika Arensman-Glasmann

Kempten Chamber of Commerce Registration
 HR B AG Kempten 9181

Licensed for commercial personnel services by the Federal Employment Agency, District Administration Bavaria, Germany
Licensed for temporary employment, recruitment and selection by the Chamber of Commerce Salzburg, Austria

German Tax ID 125/135/00597
VAT ID DE249013591

Important notice 1

DAXXA Deutschland GmbH has become a separate entity from its Dutch parent company and was consequently obliged to change its brand name into PayLohn GmbH. 
Since PayLohn GmbH is the legal successor of DAXXA Deutschland GmbH all agreements remain valid as agreed. The corresponding German VAT ID of DAXXA Deutschland GmbH remains DE249013591.

Important notice 2

As per November 15 2016, PayLohn GmbH acquired the German rights for Montana Company of the Netherlands.
Consequently PayLohn GmbH also operates in Germany under the brand name Montana PayLohn.
Montana Flex offers employers mainly temporary workforce, the focus being on short-term and flexible employment agreements. 
Montana offers flexworkers performance assessment, insurance, training and various legal and financial provisions.


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